SLbet competition

  • Slbet has been for a while now coorporating with TC and are a nice gambling site overall.

    It's been quite some time that I have not finished within top5 there as I usually just pick higher odds. Do you guys use specific strategies or do you do it like me, purchasing fast higher odds? (something like the AI on this site lol).

    Btw on SLbet we've seen more than 200 points by the end of the competitive month!

  • @TopLel The AI isn’t picking bets that are likely to win, just gets where the odds are too high for the real chance of winning. I might adjust the parameters though so you get more medium range odds as some are a bit nuts.

  • Yeah, I know and that is what I am doing most of the time on SLbet competition taking the high chances of the underdog when they're put way too high by the bookies.

  • We have now published results for the AI bets. They got off to a poor start, but with a sensible staking plan are making an ok profit overall. Check out the page for the graphs.

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